Candy Wedding Buffet Container

candy wedding buffet container

You can buy new containers or jars. You can buy second containers from other brides. You can borrow from friends You can put glass upside down inside the bigger containers so that you can fill it with less candy. Make sure the mouth of the container is big enough for the scoops to go through. […]

Why do Candy Wedding Buffet?

why do candy wedding buffet

Wedding candy buffet is a hot trend nowadays as it is economically affordable and flexible. For your special day, it is fun, attractive, able to present unlimited theme, easy to manage, easy to DIY, cost is flexible and most of the time is cheaper than tradition wedding buffet. It can be used for 2 duties, […]

What is Candy Wedding Buffet?

what is candy wedding buffet

A candy wedding buffet is a wedding buffet that allows you to eat or see or take a lot of confections made with syrup, sugar and so on, always mixed with nuts, raisin, yogurt, chocolate and fruit. It is also called sweets table. Below are some variations on candy buffet: Petit Fours Station Dessert buffet […]

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