Candy Wedding Buffet Idea


It’s a good idea to use books under a tablecloth to create risers for the container, so that they present in different level of height. Besides the candy, you can add fruit, cookies, fortune cookies and brownies. You can add fountain, fortune cookies, cookies, brownies, fruits You can add snacks e.g. potato chips and fresh […]

Candy Wedding Buffet Sign


There is no wrong, if you want to put a sign on the candy wedding buffet table. It have to be meaningful and have relation to the wedding. Most couples will pick wordings like:-         -         Love, Sweet, Love-         Sweets for my sweet. Honey for my sugar. -         All you need is sweet love! -         Sweet […]

Candy Wedding Buffet Scoops


Don’t use too big scoops, it might drain out the candies within seconds. Use the size just nice to meet the purpose. Small scoops are easier to fit in most containers, so try to get smaller scoops, if you not sure what size are needed. Ribbon and bow are not exempted from assisting the set […]

Candy Wedding Buffet Decoration & Theme

candy wedding buffet theme

Spend some times to think what ambiance, effect, results that you would like to target before you spend tons of efforts to prepare everything. Most people like candies during their childhood, wedding candy buffet will definitely bring up their nice memory and give them a great mood. There is fun besides adding colorful atmosphere to […]

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