About candy for wedding buffet

about candy for wedding buffet

How much candy should I purchase?

Standard rule is 1/4LB to 1/2LB per guest.

You may try the below formula:

A (total weight) = [B (take aways candy weight per container) + C (estimated consumption per guest)] x quantity of quests.

Try to fill up the take away container with the candy and measure its weight and then add up with the average consumption per guest and then multiply the figure with the total quantity of guests, finally get the total weight required.

If you have budget concern, you may choose bigger share of candies with lower cost and smaller share of expensive candies to reach the required total weight.

But the success of candy wedding buffet is how dazzling the display, not purely meeting the guest demand. So make sure you buy as enough as possible to create innovative, unforgettable decoration.
Does candy must be sweet? NO, you can have spicy, sour, salty candy too…..

To save costs, you may buy during the holiday sales, probably few months prior to the candy wedding buffet, as the candy can last very long.

The main purpose of candies is for decoration, second purpose is to serve the guests appetite. Guests can swallow as much as they want and later on pick up some of their favorite candy with a little candy bag to bring home.

Some candies examples are Gummy bears, lollipops, candy necklaces.

Most of times, chocolates in shells or wrappers, e.g. assorted Hershey’s mini-bars, Hugs, M&Ms, Kisses etc are preferred than those uncovered ones. Because chocolates are easy to melt or soften in the air, especially the temperature or the humidity is high. However if the environment is allowed, those uncovered chocolates are convenient for the guest to consume.

Glass Bowl with Personalized M&Ms
Glass Bowl with Personalized M&Ms
Present your Personalized M&Ms in style. This elegant clear glass candy bowl comes with three 7oz bags of your personalized M&MS creation. Choose colors, write a creative message, and even add a face!
MY M&Ms; Wedding Packs with Personalized M&Ms;
MY M&Ms; Wedding Packs with Personalized M&Ms;
Create a unique memento to commemorate the special day. Show your colorful creation in a ready-to-gift format featuring doves, a heart, and a bell-shaped window, personalized M&Ms with your faces & messages.

Other examples are:
Dylan’s Candy Bar Belgian Chocolate-Covered Extravaganza – A delectable assortment of 6 cake pops dipped in chocolate and various candies, 8 chocolate-dipped gourmet Oreos, 6 chocolate-dipped gourmet brownies, 4 chocolate-dipped pretzel sticks, 6 gourmet chocolate-dipped graham crackers, and 4 chocolate-covered Rice Krispie treats. Each assortment is carefully packaged in a signature Dylan’s Candy Bar Insulated, Reusasble Cooler and Gift Box.

butterscotch lifesavers
Peachy Penguins – In their tasty tuxedos, these adorable penguins will waddle, dance, and march their way onto your list of favorite treats! These little charmers are full of refreshing peach flavor and are almost too cute to eat–almost. Pick one of our charming collectibles as the perfect package for these chewy cuties.

star shaped milk chocolates
heart shaped milk chocolates
wintergreen lifesavers
Gummi Fruit Rings – It’s perfect blend of crisp apple flavor and creamy marshmallow is a sweet daily dose of fruity flavor. Pick one of our charming collectibles as the perfect package for these juicy apple O’s.

pina colada gummy bears
gummy coca cola bottles
gummy penguins
Angry Birds Fruit Gummies – These fruit gummies are a delicious new way to enjoy Angry Birds! Made with real fruit juice!

Salt Water Taffy
pineapple licorice sticks
Jelly Belly Jelly Beans (Assorted Sugar) – Delight in the candy experience without all of the sugar! Deliciously fruity, assorted gourmet jelly beans in a variety of flavors like; buttered popcorn, cream soda, juicy pear, pomegranate, and loads more!

perugina gianduiotti chocolates (melt-in-your-mouth hazelnut chocolates. )
Red Licorice Scotties – Delicious licorice in the shape of Scottish

Jordan Almonds
Sour Belts – Strawberry-Banana – Like a smoothie intensified, get ready for this sour power surge! These gummy belts tickle the tastebuds while satisfying any sweet tooth with their tasty strawberry-banana flavor and bitingly sour coating.

lemon candies
Licorice Bites
fruit filled jelly candies
Dylan’s Candy Bar Licorice All Sorts – Delight in yummy splendor over the 14 unique flavor combinations of Bassett’s All Sorts! Perfect for the avid licorice fan seeking a savory twist on a classic favorite! These one of kind creations of soft, chewy bites are layered with naturally flavored licorice like strawberry, lemon, chocolate, and anise.

Rock Candy
chocolate + candy covered almonds
Caramel Cubes – Rich, creamy, gooey caramel cubes

Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears – In the mood for something fruity yet chocolatey? Chewy yet smooth? Satisfy both cravings with these delicious gummy bears coated in the richest milk chocolate. Pick one of our charming collectibles as the perfect package for this favorite choco-chewy duo.

Want to save money on the candies? Buy at a post holiday discount, but please note that you may less choices.

People normally will have fun and festive feel on colorful candies while monochromatic candies give more rich and elegant feel.

While weather is unpredictable, but environment and season is known before hand, make sure you choose the candies wisely to avoid events such as candies melt or spoilt fast.

There are many type of candies on the market, e.g. chocolates, gum, mints, soft sweets, hard sweets etc. Some are found everywhere targeting all the consumers, some are manufactured only for special event. You need to taste the candies of course to make sure that at least most people won’t hate it, and they are safe to be eaten!

You have to get enough candies to fulfill the theme but at the same time also meets the demand of the guests. Basically you need at least 8-10 different kinds of candy, each type weight about 20 – 25 lbs. For each guest, you may consider spending ½ lb of candy.

Candy tastes are versatile, they can have taste of wine, spicy, sweet, bitter, sticky, sour, soft, hard, salty, cheese and so on.

Each candy has its special meaning, e.g. the Jordan Almonds has bitter and sweet taste that can representing bittersweet married life if you are creative enough.

Some candies are specially produced for theme, e.g.

- Poker Chips Chocolate

- Foil Chocolate Hearts

Buy the candy that are not only look great, taste great but also match your themes. You choose not for you but for the guests to eat, so survey the favorite candies from your friends and relatives that are going to attend the wedding candy buffet.

As complementary to the candy, you may add in popcorn to enhance the decoration and diversify the taste.

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