B001 Wedding Buffet Menu Ham, Beef, Pork, Drumsticks, Pie, Quiches, Mexican Rice Salad

Platters of Honey Roast Ham

Platters of Roast Beef served with English Mustard

Platters of Roast Pork with apple sauce

Dressed Tuna Mayonnaise OR Platter of Egg Mayonnaise.

Plain or Marinated Chicken Drumsticks (Chinese spiced, chilli & garlic or tandoori)

Fresh Gala Pork Pie

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Various Portioned Quiches

Mini Sausage Rolls

Vegetable Samosas with a mint Yoghurt Dip

Vegetable Spring Rolls with a sweet chilli dip

Mexican Rice Salad

Pesto Tomato & Basil Pasta Salad

Freshly made Coleslaw

Spiced Potatoes Wedges OR Chips

99 Fried Rice Recipes is a Book Of Complete Meals With A Zesty Fried Rice Base.

Home made pizza fingers

Fresh Crusty bread & butter

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