Candies mistakes that you should avoid in setting up candy wedding buffet

Especially you want to do a DIY candy wedding buffet without any previous experiences, it is common that mistakes can happen. Below are some candies mistakes:

Mistake 1 – Forgot to order enough candies or try to order little candies to save costs. A candy serve for 2 purposes, first is to create an attractive, colorful and sparkling look to “WOW” the guests; second is to allow the guests to consume it to enjoy it. There might cases where the candies quantity needed for your wedding buffet theme decoration is less than for the consumption or the candies quantity needed for the consumption is less than for the theme decoration. Whatever the case it is, make sure you have more than enough candies to meet these two requirements. Else you might end up with a boring candy wedding buffet decoration (no enough candies for the theme) or guests complaining and fighting for the candies (no enough candies for the consumption). Sometimes you might even need to prepare extra candies for refilling and backup on last minutes usage.

Mistake 2 – There is no enough variety of candies. If you only have 3 or 4 type of candies, it might difficult to support the candy wedding buffet theme and attract the guests’ appetite as the styles, colours and tastes versatility is not there. Nowadays, with new technologies, there are too many choices of candies available in the market, try to spend times and efforts to search for more types of candies that can meet your guests and theme requirements. Generally you need to get at least 8 – 10 different candies to make the theme look elegant.

Mistake 3 – The candies are spoilt and tasted bad or smelly. If might happen that you purchase nearly expired candies or the candies exposed to excessive heat or sunlight or the container cover is not closed tightly. Make sure you check on the expiry date of the candies during the purchase or the receiving of the candies, and you should do a QA to taste each of them first before serving them to the crowd in your candy wedding buffet. Follow the instructions of the candies manufacturer on how to store the candies, most of the time they need to be kept from the sunlight and heat and moisture. For candies that will melt easily in high temperature, you should consider using expedited shipping methods for the delivery.

Mistake 4 – The candies are not delivered on time due to the delay of courier company service or candies are wrongly delivered to somewhere else or lose during transit or wrong candies are given by the supplier if you order online instead of physically go to the store to purchase. You should purchase the candies about one month in advance of your candy wedding buffet to allow the time buffet to correct any problem that might happen unexpectedly.

Mistake 5 – Purchase expensive candies during holidays or peak festival seasons. It is common that during holidays or festival season, the candies demands are high and some candies even out of stock, you hardly expect to get bargain deal with the suppliers. Try to plan and schedule the candies purchase after holiday and festival season, as there are always promotions offered from the suppliers. You might be amazed on how much you can save on the candies bulk purchase for your candy buffet reception.

You may consider to make your own candies and make your own candy wrappers for fun and saving costs.

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