Candy Wedding Buffet Decoration & Theme

candy wedding buffet theme

Spend some times to think what ambiance, effect, results that you would like to target before you spend tons of efforts to prepare everything.

Most people like candies during their childhood, wedding candy buffet will definitely bring up their nice memory and give them a great mood. There is fun besides adding colorful atmosphere to the wedding. Undoubtedly there are unlimited of themes you can choose from such as Vegas casino night, Olympic theme, tropical forest, nature lover and so on.

With the help of vases & jars of various size and shapes, boxes of various height, table clothes of different texture, additional cute items such as flowers, toys, candle etc, your wedding will looks great.

The color can meet the color of the bride and bridesmaid.

You can put the candles on candlesticks of various height.

The basic element for candy wedding buffet decoration is colors, layers, textures and varying heights.

Varying heights can be achieved by using containers of different heights or risers that are covered by linen, fabric or silk. Risers can be anything that is hard enough to support the weight of the containers, e.g. box, books, bowl, CD drive, tough plastic lunch box, ceramic ware, bricks, woods etc. Make sure they are stable, else a small shake or hit by the kids will cause a terrible “earthquake” and your lovely containers will collapse. Our eyes like to enjoy visual effects with different levels, similar to when you are visiting a big city, your will try to browse thoroughly all the buildings with varying heights.

Textures are the different patterns that repeat themselves. They are displayed in candies packaging, candies bodies, table background, table linens, scoops, ribbons, sign, candles, photo frame, flags, florals, petals, toys and so on. A proper mixture of the textures can created the WOW effect of the candy buffet.

Color selection and coordination are the most important part of wonderful candy wedding buffet. You need to choose your favorite colors that can be integrated with your wedding theme. Mix and match all the different colors or same color in different darkness are a headache job. Sometimes, just simple of 2 or 3 blank colors are good enough for elegant look. You need to go through a few rounds of imagination, planning, drawing and designing the decoration to fine tune it. Compare other people ideas with yours to eliminate any impossible mission or unnecessary mistakes. However don’t be too stressed if you scared to be commented by others on poor arrangement. Remember, nothing is perfect in this world!

Layering is creating 3D effects similar to those by 3D television nowadays. How to do the layering? You don’t need to use any electricity, just lean one item in front of another. Arranging more than one table runners of different colors and texture can have layering feel as well. You can put candy with dark colors at the back, light color at front of the table. Who say candy must be same colors in a jar? It sounds that the creativity is limitless, candies of different colors can be layered in a jar. The size and weight of candies doesn’t much affect the layer position in the jar.

Example of themes idea:

Las Vegas or casino theme – you can buy the poker chips candies, put some dice, mini slot machine, mini roulette, playing cards and so on. Hang a banner with “Welcome to Las Vegas” wordings.

Beach theme – You can use the real big shell to display the candies. Use a small beach chair or umbrella card holders to put the sign for different types of candies.

Garden theme – place a small, decorative watering bucket on the table with flowers and glass at the base. Use the mini garden shovels as scoops, put garden cart or wheel barrow to display some candies or the take away box. Hang some new garden gloves besides the table.

Travel theme – put some mini suitcases, maps, compass, globe, airplane model and telescope. Use the train ticket, bus ticket or luggage tags to show the candies name.

Hello Kitty theme – put Hello Kitty toy, Hello Kitty candy, Hello Kitty photo, Hello Kitty wall paper, wear Hello Kitty dresses, decorate with love in pink, pink balloon, pink ribbon, emphasis on pink colour.

Western theme – put licorice sticks in a cowboy boot vase, put a rope, tie each jars with mini cowboy hat, put the toy horse.

You can use alphabet containers to display a words or phrases, e.g. LOVE. Fill the candies into the alphabet containers.

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