Candy Wedding Buffet Idea

It’s a good idea to use books under a tablecloth to create risers for the container, so that they present in different level of height.

Besides the candy, you can add fruit, cookies, fortune cookies and brownies.

You can add fountain, fortune cookies, cookies, brownies, fruits

You can add snacks e.g. potato chips and fresh fruit too.

Towers of Jars of sweets can be put at guest table or a main display table.

One good idea is you can put different candies on each guest table, and put a map or chart on each table. The guests can go to find their favorite candy based on the chart (feeling like treasure hunt games), at the same time also take advantage to mingle with other guests sitting at other tables.

You may need to consider small portfolio for non-sugar candy as diabetic guests can’t eat too sweet.
Chocolate Covered Raisins – Sugar Free Paint Can
Jelly Belly Jelly Beans – Assorted Sugar Free MINI-BIN
Gummy Bears – Sugar Free MINI-BIN

Some old people can’t eat rock candy, because their teeth are weak or no teeth at all. You may need to add in egg tarts, Petit Fours, puddings, cheese cakes, Brownie , cupcake, cookies, pastry, mini muffins or puff on the guest table or the central table.

Some people may be allergy to certain ingredients e.g. nut, corn, garlic, milk, peanut, wheat, you can put a note for the candies on this to alert the guest, so that they can avoid these items.

Use cake stand to serve the cupcakes, cookies or strawberry.

If you outsourcers for reception counter, the company may able to provide glass bowls and artificial flowers.

Oh, why never think ice-cream? Yes, you may put ice-cream also, but be careful that it is only suitable for indoor wedding theme.

You may put some containers of candies as centerpieces on the guest tables to replace the flowers. Flowers may be cheaper and may be more expensive than candies, but in term of the usability, candies might be better, as they can be consumed, but flowers will be all threw away later on. So basically this saves money for the whole process.

Ice sculpture is a cool décor item that can be put at the sweet table. But it is only suitable for indoor candy wedding buffet and don’t put too near to the candles to avoid heat, in order to extend its life span.

You can use LED candle, instead of the real frames, because it is safer as you won’t know whether the guests or the kids will be careless or any accident will happen. If you doing the buffet outdoor, a strong wind might just suddenly blows. But if you don’t mind to use real candle, I suggest that you standby be a pail of water or fire extinguisher nearby in case of emergency.

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