Candy Wedding Buffet Scoops

Don’t use too big scoops, it might drain out the candies within seconds. Use the size just nice to meet the purpose. Small scoops are easier to fit in most containers, so try to get smaller scoops, if you not sure what size are needed.

Ribbon and bow are not exempted from assisting the set up of the presentation. The scoop can be tied with ribbon or bow with appropriate colors.

Always keep them clean.

If possible, prepare extra, in case some might fall to the floor, and you just don’t have the time to wash it during talking with or serving the guests.

For gummy and  sticky candies, you might need to give the tongs, instead of scoops. Make sure the tongs is not too long and not too short, easy to operate and suitable for the dept of the container.

If the candy is paper wrapped type, guest can take it directly by hand.

There are silver scoops, plastic scoops, wooden scoops, stainless steel scoops, clear plastic candy scoops and so on.


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