Candy Wedding Buffet Sign

There is no wrong, if you want to put a sign on the candy wedding buffet table. It have to be meaningful and have relation to the wedding. Most couples will pick wordings like:-         -         Love, Sweet, Love-         Sweets for my sweet. Honey for my sugar.

-         All you need is sweet love!

-         Sweet Dreams

-         Something delicious from the New Mr. and Mrs.

-         It’s been a ‘treat’ having you here!

-         Please enjoy these treats!

-         Sweet Emotion

-         Our Sweet Day!

-         Life is sweet, so here’s a treat!

-         Love is Sweet!

-         Love is Sweet, so take a treat!

-         Hugs and Kisses from the New Mr. & Mrs.

-         How ‘Sweet’ It Is To Be Loved By You!

You may just simply put down the bride and groom name and the wedding date.


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