Candy Wedding Buffet Tips

To save your time and to avoid forgetting to buy the candy, you may ask your family member to help, just write down the name and qty of the planned candies and pass to them.

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Try not to buy the candy too late. Buy them two weeks in advance as some times there is short of stock during peak wedding seasons or holiday festival.

Add more decorative items such as candles, flowers and ribbons.

You can get items from super market, craft stores, online store, coffee store.

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When buying online, always calculate in the shipping cost before you click the mouse button to add them to the cart as the shipping cost can be same as or even more expensive than the candy cost. Try to group all the purchase under the same online store.

Get jars with wide top, easy for guests to pick up and save time and avoid the long queue in the buffet.

If you are doing the candy wedding buffet outdoor, you may need to put the chocolate candies in fridge for few hours before serving them, so that them last longer before melt and taste fresh.

Browse the web for the ideas from others how they organize their candy wedding buffet. Get the advice from your friends, your neighbors and relatives who ever attend or set up a candy wedding buffet. Read more books on the decoration of the candy wedding buffet.

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When the buffet starts, remember to take off the lids of containers, so that the guests can easily take the candies out and won’t feel embarrassed to take off tight lids that might be a lot.

Spend sometimes to search for or take note on unique and nice vases, glasses, jars, scoops, gift bag and boxes. If you find something from web, but can’t buy online and not sure where to purchase it, you may post it on the social media web site, e.g. facebook, twitter or local forum, most of the time, someone who is kind enough will guide you.

Why don’t you do a practice on setting up the candy buffet display in advance? You can check up whether it is your wanted effects, get advice from your friends or loved one, add or change some items, tune it up part by part. You still have enough time to order more candies. Remember to take photos on the candy wedding buffet design that you have decided to be the final selection, else you might not be able to recall it….:)

If you order the candies online, allow plenty of time ahead of the wedding buffet for shipping that might take longer time due to unexpected routing problem.

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