Wedding Buffet Ideas : Choosing the venue

Choosing a wedding buffet venue is quite similar to choosing a wedding venue.

Below are some important factors to be study on:

1) The space required

You need to think whether your wedding is an intimate cozy type that only invite your family members and best friends or a grand one type that invite hundreds of people. Calculate the head counts, spaces for tables and seatings, buffet reception, dance floor, performance stage, DJ console table to come out the minimum required size. It is important as different venue has different capacity. If the venue is too big, it might waste your money and the theme decoration might not easy to get attention. If the venue is too small, the guest might not feel comfortable and causing heavy jam for accessing the food.

2) The capacity of the venue

The size of the venue must be little bigger than your requirement and check if the venue is able to add extra space if you request to add more guests at the last minute. Make sure there are enough car parks and the wedding buffet reception is within walking distance from the car parks.

3) Reception & ceremony

If you do the wedding buffet directly after the wedding ceremony, you may consider doing it at the same place as the wedding ceremony location or somewhere nearby. This will save the times and ease the transportation.

4) The type of buffet

A stand-up buffet or seated buffet? Same venue may handle 100 guests for stand-up buffet, but might only able to handle 50 guests for seated buffet. You need to physically visit different venues to make sure that they can cater your wedding buffet needs. Before you confirm to book the venue, it is good to have a room diagram for the layout of the wedding buffet that showing the exact number of table and seats, dance floor, stage, DJ console and reception table.

5) Entertainment program

Band and dancing performance occupies big space and may causes noises to the neighbourhood. If you plan to offer them, you need to check out whether they are allowed to be done at the venue and whether the venue got the available facilities.

6) Transportation

The wedding buffet venue must be convenient for the guests to access, especially you are inviting a great number of guests. Is it near the major highways? Is there any public transport such as train station, bus stop nearby? Else you might need to rent a bus or van to pick up those who don’t have own transport and those who are not familiar with that area.

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