Jars, scoops and take home bag, boxes and signs mistakes that you should avoid in setting up candy wedding buffet

Candy wedding buffet is new trend, and most people would like to choose it for their big day, but mistakes can happen. Below are some common mistake for jars, scoops, take home bag, boxes and signs:

 Mistake 1 – You find a good due or nice looking jars and without hesitate, you bough a lot of the same jars! You won’t know how it looks like until you set up the candy wedding buffet table. Then you may surprisingly find out at the end that your DIY candy wedding buffet table looks a bit boring with all the same height, same size, same shape, same pattern and same colours jars. It is not difficult to find jars or containers with different shapes, size and height. Even if you really can’t find suitable containers with different height, you still can create a 3D visual effect with the use of risers.

 Mistake 2 – Use few big jars on the candy wedding buffet table and thus the table looks empty. You should transfer the same amount of candies to more smaller jars. This will virtually increase the quantities of candies and decoration appearance density on your candy wedding buffet table and make it more attractive and presentable.

 Mistake 3 – There are no enough scoops for the jars. The guests then have to wait for longer time to share several scoops, or some of them might try to use hand to pick up unwrapped candies that might cause hygiene issues. You have to prepare enough scoops for each container and extra scoops in case some scoops are dropped onto the floor. 

 Mistake 4 – The scoops are too large for the jars. Candies can’t be taken out easily by the guests. Big scoops are also bad for the expensive and precious candies as the candies will be drained fast. Try to use smaller scoops or you may need to consider using the ladle or tongs instead of scoops if the necks of the jars are long.

 Mistake 5 – The take home bags or boxes are too big. Big bags or boxes mean many candies can be taken away from the candy wedding buffet. Unless you are really rich or doing business in candies, try to use small take home bags or favor boxes for the guests to take away the candies, as take home candies are mean for sweet memory, not for another full meal at home, or for resale!

 Mistake 6 – The take home bags or boxes are not enough or not placed on the candy table. If the guests can’t find the take home bags or boxes, they might assume that the candies are not allowed for taking home. This might create negative image for your big day. Make sure you purchase enough take home bags or boxes and assign someone to refill them on the candy wedding buffet table.

 Mistake 7 – The signage and labels are handwriting on plain papers. This can save times and jobs, but the unprofessional display will greatly discount your wedding buffet theme scores. You should use computer to design the signage and labels with the pattern and colours that can match your wedding buffet theme, then print them out with a colour printer on colour papers and cardboards. If you don’t have this kind of knowledge, better ask a designer to assist you.

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