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The advantages of sit down dinner:

  1. In sit down dinner, the guest can eat straightly and concentrate on mingling with persons sit at the same table, without wasting time in looking for food.
  2. It is formal and looks more elegant.
  3. Are wonderful for black-tie reception at five-star resort.

The disadvantages of sit down dinner:

  1. For sit down dinner, food serving timing and man power coordination are very important, else the guests might have to wait for a long time for each food to come.
  2. The guests might not like the food choice as such wasting food, or the guests might like the food, but there are no enough portions to consume.
  3. Require a lot of staffs.
  4. The parties might take long time to finish.
  5. The parties may die down after the guests having been sitting for a long time. People often leave after dinner and don’t go to the dance floor.
  6. Everyone is served the same meal regardless of different appetite.
  7. Sit-down dinners can feel bored, especially when your wine glass is empty and you can’t find a waiter to refill it.
  8. Not easy to arrange the seats to have happy table mates.

The advantages of buffet dinner:

  1. The guests can mingle and dance with many different people that you like.
  2. It is flexible to setup by long buffet lines or stations.
  3. Wide array of foods able to cater for guests who have certain dietary needs, e.g. vegetarian, diabetic and so on.
  4. A fast way to grab the full set of food and eat straight away.
  5. Some guests can eat as many as they want while some guests might not want to eat much as they won’t be so hungry.
  6. Buffet meal is more cost-effective because there are less staffs required and you can plan to offer the amount really needed without much wastage. Food amount can be adjusted based on the type and age of guests.
  7. Are suitable for outdoor affairs and banquet hall dinners.
  8. High chance to satisfy most of the guests’ appetite.

The disadvantages of buffet dinner:

  1. Everybody have to queue up in a long line
  2. It is less formal, some people feel not comfortable for their big days.
  3. It might cost more if a great number of expensive meals are offer.


Both sit down wedding dinner and wedding buffet have their own pros and cons, but generally wedding buffet are well acceptable by the public as it is more guest-friendly and economic. Although wedding buffet always require the guests to queue, but with proper planning on the layout and control, the queue time can be reduced.

You can combine a sit down dinner with a buffet, e.g. offer a mini buffet station with finger dessert or cocktails while having a sit down dinner.  You can have a buffet while assign each table with appetizers. You can do a sit down dinner without assigned seating or you can assign seats for a buffet.

You should decide base on your personal style and budget.

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