Yes! You Can Make Your Own Wedding Cake!

Make your own wedding cakeWould you like to make your own wedding cake because you love to bake? Would you like to make your own wedding cake because it is more economical? Would you like to make your own wedding cake because you are talented in this area?

Well, fabulous! You absolutely can, and it will probably even taste better simply because you did it yourself and you know what you like.

Think about you and your favorite kinds of cakes. Are you fairly traditional and simply expect frosted white wedding cake? Or do you love red velvet chocolate cake, or a light angel food cake? What is your guilty indulgence when given the chance? That might lead you to pick a flavor or a type of cake.

Next, start researching and asking around for recipes. Although, if you already have a tried-and-true recipe for something you love, why look for anything else? And whatever recipe you choose, practice it before it’s for the real deal.

You can find all sorts of resources to learn how to make the really fancy and popular fondant personalized types of cakes you see at weddings now. If you’re up to the task, go for it! Maybe without actually having to make the entire cake for practice prior to the big day, you can find ways to learn and develop the skills and techniques required.

And, note to self: depending on the length of your guest list, could you strategize so that you are not literally baking cake for 200 people the night before? Could you make a few cakes/tiers/layers (whatever the case may be) and freeze them as you go, perhaps?

You may want to research how to properly freeze cakes and how to properly defrost them, etc. This is essential, however, so that you are not frantically baking close to the date of your special day. You need beauty sleep, not stress!

On that note, if you are planning to make your own wedding cake, skip the stress. Let it go. Realize that people are there to support you in your new marriage, not to judge you on the correctness, the alignment, the looks, or even the taste of your wedding cake. So have a sense of humor regarding your wedding cake if needed, and enjoy your day!

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