You Can Take Control Of Wedding Cake Prices By Making Choices

Wedding cake pricesLabor controls wedding cake prices more so than the cost of the ingredients. So, if labor is such an important part of the wedding cake, then who actually makes your wedding cake matters quite a bit, doesn’t it?

Creating a cake to suit your taste, your style, your expected number of guests, and your expectations of wedding cake prices is a big responsibility for someone special. Once you find someone you trust, you have accomplished half of the task.

Next will be to decide just how far you want to go with this wedding cake budget. While the high-priced cakes which include fondant icing that has become so popular, specialized decorations, customized shapes, flavored fillings and so on may be what you “have to have,” not all families choose to spend so much their wedding budget on the cake.

This is something to consider in wedding planning in general. If you do have a budget to stay within, spend time prioritizing what parts of the wedding really matter to you. And, if the cake really matters to you, perhaps the type described in the above paragraph is exactly what you want.

However, if you’d rather use your budget towards other areas, you can definitely lower the cost of your wedding cake. It depends on what really matters to you.

One smart “trick” is to have a small fancy and stylish cake for the cake cutting ceremony and for pictures; then, in the kitchen where none of the guests go, have sheet cake cut into small pieces for serving purposes.

As you design your cake, certain details can drive the expense up or down. For example, your choice of icing/frosting, how fancy you want the frosting swirls to be (directly linked to labor hours) can make the cake very expensive or fairly inexpensive.

The number of guests at your wedding will affect the cost of your cake. Your choice of a layered cake, a cake with tiers, or a customized shape cake affects the expense also.

So much to think about, and yet, by keeping your priorities in front of you, you will be able to have your cake and eat it too!

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