Candies mistakes that you should avoid in setting up candy wedding buffet


Especially you want to do a DIY candy wedding buffet without any previous experiences, it is common that mistakes can happen. Below are some candies mistakes: Mistake 1 – Forgot to order enough candies or try to order little candies to save costs. A candy serve for 2 purposes, first is to create an attractive, […]

Candy Wedding Buffet Decoration & Theme

candy wedding buffet theme

Spend some times to think what ambiance, effect, results that you would like to target before you spend tons of efforts to prepare everything. Most people like candies during their childhood, wedding candy buffet will definitely bring up their nice memory and give them a great mood. There is fun besides adding colorful atmosphere to […]

About candy for wedding buffet

about candy for wedding buffet

How much candy should I purchase? Standard rule is 1/4LB to 1/2LB per guest. You may try the below formula: A (total weight) = [B (take aways candy weight per container) + C (estimated consumption per guest)] x quantity of quests. Try to fill up the take away container with the candy and measure its […]

Wedding Candy Favors: Leave Your Guests With A Sweet Thank You Message

Wedding candy favors

As is customary for children’s birthday parties today, guests leave with “favors.” In your wedding planning, have you included “wedding candy favors” as a line item? Wouldn’t it be fun if your guests went away with something sweet and maybe even something personalized from you? Wedding candy favors have become increasingly popular. They are fun, […]

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