Things to know before using candles for the Wedding Buffet table decorations

Know the wedding buffet venue rules:

Before you decide to use candles for your wedding buffet table decorations, check out whether the venue allow to use candles or what is the rules on using candles as table decoration. Some venues totally don’t allow you to use candles because it might cause serious fire, in this case, the only choice is LED candles or battery operated candles. Some venues allow you to use candles but require candles to be place in glass, and the wick must be lower 1 inch or few inches from the glass edge. All these will be some of the guidelines during the purchase of candles and containers.



Know the burn time required:
Different candles have different burn time, tea light normally can last for 2, 3 hours, other taller and thicker candles might have longer burn time. Tea light may look safer but due to the short burning time, you may need to change it half way during the wedding buffet. If your wedding buffet has some entertainments, you may need to get candles that can burn for longest time as the guest might stay quite long, but generally it also depend how much food you supply on the table.

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Know the quality of the candles:
Test to burn the candles early before the wedding buffet reception to check if it comes out any black/white smoke or any irritative smell. Low quality candles are cheaper than high quality candles but most of the time, they may not suitable to be used for wedding buffet table. Some smokes might not good for health and even trigger the smoke alarms!

Know the limits of the candles usage:
Too many candles will require a lot of set up time before the wedding buffet and a lot of clean up time after the event. Furthermore they can increase the temperature of the buffet venue, causing uncomfortable environment for the guests. Try to balance the number of candles in wedding buffet table decorations with the size of table, venue suitability, theme layout, food presentation to avoid over use of candles.

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