Wedding Appetizers: To Make Or To Have Made, That Is The Question

Wedding appetizersAre you considering wedding appetizers as true appetizers to a later-served meal? Or are you considering wedding appetizers as an actual meal for your reception? These days, either and many options in between are all acceptable. You are the couple making the decisions that match your budget, your wishes, and your style.

So, you are planning to have appetizers at your wedding, yes? How would you like to serve them? Would you prefer the option of having the appetizers out and allowing the guests to eat as they wish? Or, would you prefer hand-passed appetizers?

Hand-passed appetizers perhaps suggest a more formal affair, and they can be conversations-starters. Fancy little macaroni and cheese bites, mushrooms stuffed with pesto, little miniature hamburgers, all such bites will lead the ladies to fun discussions most likely. Further, the heartiness of the hand-passed wedding appetizers will please the hungry ones.

On the other hand, are you planning to make your own wedding appetizers? If so, simply combine mini tart pans and wontons/biscuit recipes, and you’ll have all kind of ideas for bite size servings. Inside those wontons or biscuits, you can fashion pizzas, salads, tacos, lasagnas, mousses, meatballs, and so many more.

Keep in mind that your guests could be somewhat uncomfortable gathering with sides of the family they don’t see often, new sides of the family whom they have never met, and friends that they haven’t seen in a while. If you would like for them to be comfortable at your reception with their food and drink, keep things simple or at least bite-sized: user-friendly, in general.

If you do lean towards making your own, as with any situation where you are cooking for others, make and practice the recipes ahead of time. This will relieve the stress for you, the stress that what you make will actually turn out as you hoped.

One note: a caterer who is preparing your actual dinner will sometimes throw in appetizers as a gift! Don’t be afraid to ask.

In the end, you can determine what matters to you most: the budget and working within it, or the peace of mind that one more fairly large detail and concern is being taken care of for you. It will be a lovely event, certainly.

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