Wedding buffet ideas: Candles presentation for buffet table

 Candle decoration without using water for buffet table:

Use candle holders with different height or even different width to give more attractive visual treat on your wedding buffet. You can make use of riser covered with clothes.

Candles can be placed in between platters and mirrors can be used to reflect the candle light.

You can just put candle on the mirror with different shape and frame. Besides mirror, you can use new CDs to boost the reflection of the candles light. Put one CD in the center, then put some CDs around it. The bottom of the CD that is sparkling side must facing up. Put one pillar candle on each CD covering the centre hole of the CD.


Even as simple as using votive candles, you can create great effect by using different height of holders dressed in lace for the votive candles on a glass plate. Place some pebbles around the candles to create relaxing, peaceful mind atmosphere similar to spa environment. Alternatively if you need more colours to enhance your wedding buffet theme, you can use glass pebbles.

 Try to use candelabra with different height candle holder and with the size that is suitable for the table.

You can surround a pillar candle with a wreath of flowers. Else you can put pillar candle in the middle of a bowl or plate with flower blooms. You can spread petals nearby the votives on the table.

Instead of using big bouquets as the centrepieces, you can make use of the blooms, wine glasses and candles. Place few wine glasses upside down to cover the blooms, then place a candle on the base of the glasses. Glasses with different height and blooms with different colors will give more attractive presentation and versatility for the wedding buffet table decorations.




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There is no limitation on how you want to use the candles to decorate the wedding buffet table. You can fill up a jar with colored sand, pebbles, colored rocks, seashells, potpourri, fruits, leave and whatever that is suitable for the layout, then put candle inside the jar.




Floating candles with water for buffet table:

For floating candles, you can fill a glass bowl with water and then put flower and candles inside. Alternatively, you can also put in natural components such as plants, seashells, leave, pearls and pebbles top enhance the complexity for the buffet table decoration. The colour of candles and flowers must match your wedding theme. Sprinkle the petals surround the glass bowl. Use different shape of the glass bowl.




To further decorate the floating candles, you can add few drops of food coloring in the water to give color to it. Test on the dept of the colour, as too dark might not suitable for the wedding buffet theme.


There are a lot of candles in different shapes available such as flower shape, fruit shape, butterfly shape, love shape and so on that can be use as floating candles to get visual interest for the table decoration.





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Put the floating candles glass in the middle and surround it with different shape, size and height of candle holders. This will offer stylish and impressive wedding buffet presentation.





 Safety and convenience for candle decorations:

Make sure the candles will not become obstacles for the guests to approach the food and drinks on the wedding buffet table. For safety purposes, the space between the candles and the guests moving zone on the buffet table must be big enough.

Prepare a small fire extinguisher or a big pail of water under or nearby the buffet table for emergency use.

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