Wedding buffet ideas: choosing buffet table

Wedding buffet normally are served on the table as we can’t put the food and drinks on the floor or on the wall. If you employ wedding buffet caterer, surely they will provide the table for you. If you celebrate your wedding buffet at restaurant or hotel, no doubts the tables are ready use. If you employ wedding buffet caterer, most of the time they will also provide the table. However if you want to host the event inside your home or outside at your garden or at an empty hall, you might want to get the table and set up by your own to save cost.

Search around at your house, ask from your relatives, neighbours for any table as long as can stand well, should be no problem to utilize as the buffet table. It doesn’t need to be new, high class, expensive,  because the table cloth will cover it and the guest won’t able to view it at all.

You can use wood table, plastic table, stainless steel table or glass table. You can even make your own buffet table with only 4 sticks and one piece of plywood.




Table height is normally 30”, if you prepare special menu for kids, you may need lower table.










There are rectangle, square, round, semi round, quarter round, crescent tables, it depends how you want to set up your wedding buffet layout. It is frequent to use rectangle table to serve the chafing dish in one row, people then can queue at each side of the buffet table. You may want to join the rectangle table with a round table that can put plates, spoons and forks and bowls.

You can have tables in square, round, semi round, quarter round, crescent shape as station to serve dessert, cookies, drinks, salads, BBQ food, candies, cocktails, fruits  and other categories of food in your wedding.

Tables with different height can be a good idea depending on your wedding theme.

If your table is not big or long enough, you can join few of them. The layout can be U shape, rectangle shape, round shape.

After you plan and arrange the tables, cover the bottom part of the tables and the top of the tables with clothes of same or different colors.

The buffet table should not be too big or too small. If the table is too big, the food might looks less and also the guests might not be convenient to take the food and drinks, and the line might take longer time. If the buffet table is too small, the items might need to be put very closely and near the table edge and the guests might accidentally hit them down. The dimension of the table should take care of the wedding buffet centerpiece decoration as well. It is good to a buffet set up demo in advance before the real launch of your wedding buffet.

Your effort will determine the success of your wedding buffet event, although it might not be the best, but every guest will appreciate it very much.


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