Wedding Buffet Ideas: Using balloons for buffet table decorations

Balloon decoration is one kind of flexible and economic way to decorate the wedding buffet table for elegant and festival feel. You can fill the balloon with helium and tie their mouth to a heavy item and let them float over the wedding buffet table or guest table.
 If you don’t have the helium tank, you can use a balloon pump or balloon blower to blow the balloon and then put a stick on a small pot, fill the pot with stones as a base to support the stick and then tie or tape the tail of balloon to the stick. This will create a special topiary look decoration. Cover any exposed part of the stick or the pot with colourful paper or clothes according to the theme. Surround it with some flowers and leaves to make it looks more greenery.
 If you want to create a love shape balloon stand or ring suspended above the wedding buffet table, you may need a love shape frame made by iron, plastic or vine.
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Twisting balloons add more variations in creating the shape e.g. love, flower, ribbon, toys, animal, cartoons and so on.
There are quite a lot of colours on the balloon for you to choose, range from white, pearl, yellow, blue, green, red, orange, black and so on. You should only select those that can match your theme.
Good thing about balloon is the size is super adjustable. You can make a something as small as your palm or something as big as lorry with balloons. You can create a giant bouquet or tree as high as the ceiling for the wedding buffet table centrepiece using the balloons. There are also ready-made party balloons to save the time.
You can use balloons as backdrop of the wedding buffet table either suspended or stand on the floor. Tie few rows of balloons, each row with different colours or any mixture of colours as you like, hang them at the back of table as a nice backdrop. Love shape backdrop is also one of common balloon decoration for wedding buffet.

You can use twisted balloons to create funny or cute figure to represent the bridge and groom and put them on the wedding buffet table as centrepiece.
You can easily make and twist balloon animals and others beautiful balloon designs with fun and techniques like a professional from Balloon Twisting Secrets.

You can design few white floating balloons pulling lightweight fabrics e.g. silk or chiffon above the wedding buffet table to create an elegant look.

Each guest table can have balloon artwork as the centrepiece. You may need to use
balloon weight or balloon sticks.

Use balloons arcs to produce fairy tale feel for the cake table to wow the guest.

You can use balloons to function as a 
sign board to decorate the wedding buffet table.
If you have a sport theme, you decorate the wedding buffet table with miniature hot air balloon.
There are endless possibilities for using balloon to decorate the wedding buffet table, but make sure don’t overuse it as the food should be the main focus point.



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