Wedding Buffet Ideas: Using candles for buffet table decorations

Why use candles for wedding buffet table decorations:

Candles present romance, peace and intimacy to most events, besides it is inexpensive, flexible and easy to acquire.

With the help of candle decorations, wedding buffet table will have nice ambiance. Candles always create an elegant glow around any centrepiece, they even can be centrepiece themselves.




Candle choices:

The types of candles are pillar candles, tea lights , votives and taper candles.

The colors of candles, types, height and size are important in wedding buffet table decoration but the candle holders and containers should not be ignored as well.

Generally white candles suit most of the wedding buffet theme, but there are many colors and shapes such as heart candles , rose candles, beach sandles candles, apple candles, beehive candle etc available for the candles that you can choose to match the unique wedding theme.

Avoid using candles that can produce strong fragrant smell as they might confuse the buffet guest with the food smell and taste.

Personalized candles become very popular and they look very interesting nowadays. You can personalise candle by creating the special shape, colour, pattern, or adding the personalised note on the candle.


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Container or holder for candle decorations:

You can use sand and shell tealight holder for beach themed wedding buffet table decoration.

Choose antique decorative container if your wedding theme is in vintage feel.

Bamboos, rattan, coconut made containers are suitable for wedding buffet in tropical theme.

Most of the time glass is used as containers for the wedding buffet centrepieces as it can produce the sparking effect with the candle. It will looks more precious with more sparking effect, so be inventively arrange the candles with mirrors, glass, marbles, crystal, acrylic beads, candies, glass pebbles, sequins, tiles and marbles.

Glass or crystal holders are available for holding the candles.

Flower candle holder allow you to place the tea light candle in the center of lovely bloom.

You can use candle holders made of fruits e.g. orange, pineapple and apple.





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Decorate the candle body or holder or container:

Tie the candles body or holder or container with decorative item, such as lace, silk or fresh flower, leave and colourful satin ribbons with pattern or texture.  You can add in pearls, jewelled tassels for more elegant wedding buffet theme.





Items to support the candle:

Flowers, petals, feathers can be spread surround the candles over the wedding buffet table to have a romantic outlook.


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