Wedding Buffet Ideas: Using pom-pom for wedding reception decorations

Pom-pom is a ball shaped decorative item made of fabric, feather, plastic, paper and wool. The materials are tied or stuck in a bunch with different sizes and colors. Pom-pom is very useful and versatile in decorating the wedding reception event. With the unlimited colors, patterns and grouping, they create a delightful wedding environment over the table, chair, ceiling, wall and the floor.

You can either make your own pom-poms or purchase them without the hassle. It is easy to create the pom pom, basically you need the materials e.g. tissue papers, yarn, plastic and so on, items to hold them together  e.g. wire, rope, cardboard, thread, ribbon, items to hang them or support them e.g. wire, rope, ribbon, fishing line, vase, stick, jar, iron, wood, stalk and bamboo.

Pom-pom can be as big as a giant lantern hanging under the ceiling or as small as an egg to hang on your wedding clothes or shoes or hats or napkins (so called mini pom-pom).




It is nice to attach pom-pom to your wedding cake either put one piece on the top of the cake or surround the cake with few pom-poms of varying sizes and colors in a curve line.

Pom-pom flowers in jars or pots or holders allow you to have more choices besides using fresh flowers for wedding buffet decorations. Since they don’t have perishable issue, they can be prepared very early before the wedding reception event.



Pom-pom can be hung under the ceiling, tied to pillar, attached on the back of chair, put on table, displayed on the floor and almost anywhere. Different wedding theme will require different colors of pom-pom.

Different colors of pom-poms can be group together to perform attractive and delightful wedding buffet decorations.

Pom-pom can be group together in a rope or thread, they also can be arranged to display in a row with individual thread, showing varying patterns and heights.


Pom-pom garlands are one of the useful decorative tools that can enhance your wedding party atmosphere. Pom-poms also can stack over each other to become topiary.





You can centralize the pom-poms under the wedding hall ceiling by grouping pom-poms of different size, colors and materials together.

They can be separated from each other to become an individual unit, spread over the wedding buffet venue to create elegant wedding reception decorations.


With so much choices of display, no doubt pom-pom is one of your good friends in serving your big day event that is unforgettable in your life.

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