What should be the bouquet of a bride

Bridal bouquet is one of the most important components of the graceful look of a bride. It takes into account the shade and style of the dress, hairstyle, style of the party and many other nuances. Attention should be paid to every detail so that the composition only enhances the impression of the outfit, but does not merge with it and does not look aloof. For this reason, it is impossible to say unequivocally how a bridal bouquet should look, but if you follow the recommendations of florists, you can find the best option for you.

What should look like the bouquet of a bride?

What flowers are suitable for the bridal bouquet: an overview of the options.

There are few more flowers for wedding parties than it seems at first glance. When choosing plants, you should be guided by your preferences and the symbolism of the flower.

Rose. The most popular representative of wedding floristry. Most often, brides opt for bushy varieties that look good both in the bouquet and as a hair ornament for the girl or a pin flower for the groom. The miniature buds, symbolizing love and loyalty, can withstand the harshest conditions and stay fresh all day.

Peony. This lush flower represents happiness, success and love and is perfect for the birth of a new family. To add even more lightness to the composition, choose unevenly opened buds. The most romantic combinations with them will result in combination with flying wedding dresses.

Lily. In European floristry, it is considered the flower of innocence, which makes it a good choice for weddings. Apart from its spectacular appearance, the flower stays fresh for a long time even in the heat. Before buying, however, make sure that the bride, groom and groomsmen are not allergic to its strong fragrance.

Calla. The most common shade is white, although the color palette is much wider. The flower exudes purity and genuineness, and because of its elegant appearance it goes well with many styles. When choosing, you should pay attention to the density of the petals: Soft flowers are not afraid of ruffling.

Orchid. This delicate exotic flower has a rich color palette and goes well with any look. It also speaks of sensuality and purity of love and brings harmony to relationships. The plant is also hardy and can withstand several hours without water.

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