What to do after wedding buffet event?

what-to-do-after-wedding-buffet-eventThere are some tasks that can be carried out after the wedding buffet event:

1) Handle the leftover

There will be food leftover, if you employ caterer to do the catering, most likely they won’t allow you to take away the leftover. But if you prepare the food yourself, you may donate the food to charity nearby. Make sure the food are still fresh and not yet spoiled before donate out and first thing to do is to wrap them or put in clean containers and keep them in the fridge. For food that has already decayed, you must throw in a proper way.

2) Return tools

Return the plates, cutlery, glassware, serving dishes, tongs, trays, utensils, tablecloths, tables and chairs to the owners, if you borrow or rent them. Make sure they are cleaned and in correct quantity and good conditions.

3) Send thank you note

Send thank you note to the guests who ever spend their precious time to attend your big day event. You can post the note by mail or by email or by phone message.

4) Get feedback from the guests

During the wedding buffet event, you are busy to take care of many things, and you may not be able to greet some of the guests. As such, you can ring or message some of the guests to ask about their feedbacks about the event.

5) Praise or comment on caterer

If the catering service and food is good, you may praise the caterer, else if something needs to be improved, you may give ideas and comments to them.

6) Post the videos and photos on social media

Post the videos and photos during the wedding buffet on social media e.g. facebook to share with your friends and relatives who can’t attend your big day so that they still can feel the joy and bless the bride and groom.

7) Handle the wedding decoration items

For the wedding decoration items, you may place them at home, give to friends who need them or sell them online or at garage sale.

8) Give advice to other people

Since you already have experience on handling a wedding buffet, you can help your friends and relatives who are going to get married. You may consider posting a blog to educate people on how to do a wedding buffet.

Wishing that strong trust and never-ending love occupy your marriage! Happy wedding!

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