Why do Wedding Buffet?

Wedding buffet becomes more popular as people nowadays more keen on savings money during the bad economic hit. It might not have the formal feel, qualify food and services as given by the standard sit down meal, but it can allow a happier feeling to your wedding reception and your wedding day.

There are numerous of reasons why you should do wedding buffet:

1. The guests have freedom to choose what they want and their portion sizes:

Wedding buffet allows the bride and groom to carefully pick a wide types of foods that they think can satisfy their guests needs, or at least a popular wedding buffet menu that are highly demanded.

Instead of waiting to be served for unknown or unwanted food in sit down meal, the guest can go to view or inspect the food before they have to put into their stomach. Everyone knows their own favors well and as such can serve themselves well.

2. Encouraging the guests to move around and mingle:

There are no rules for seating during wedding buffet. If the guest doesn’t like to sit next to someone that causing unpleasant mind, he/she can just move to other seat or reduce the time of seating by moving and mingling around with other people. Nobody is “trapped” to any seat. This lets your wedding reception looks more relaxed, less tension and enjoyable.

3. Easy to pass the time:

The guests can continues to eat as long as the foods are still available, instead of just wasting time to wait for the food to come as in sit down meal event. They can walk up and down to view and plan for their meal by eating salads first or dessert first, then following by chicken or fish, lastly soup or ice-cream as they like. They can creatively to mix and match different food combinations to enjoy the yummy tastes. Times can be passed fast without bored feeling.

4. Good for group interaction entertainment:

The emcee or DJ of the wedding buffet can insert games during the wedding buffet. As everyone already moves and mingles around, it is easy to get them involved with the games and having fun together. This can also build up fresh friendship between those who first time meets up each other.

5. Save money

The wide diversifications of food menu reduce the risk on certain foods that are not welcomed or not able to finished by the crowd. Reduce the wastage on food means saving money. Everyone have to leave their table and go to get their favorite food from the wedding buffet main table. Based on the self-service concept, large number of individual table service labors can be avoided.

6. Foods quality is easy to handle

Foods are prepared early and cooked in batch near the wedding buffet launching time. The workflow can be managed easily with proper planning and experience cooks. The hot foods are kept warm in chaffing dish throughout the wedding buffet to reserve the freshness.

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